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How can Revenue Attribution help you with Financial Forecasting?

Financial Forecasting, an art most companies struggle with daily. And how could it be different, we ask the impossible from our people, telling us how tomorrow will be.

Nevertheless, a company cannot plan its production and revenue stream without it. Forecasting remains a necessary evil in all organizations.

Revenue Attribution can somewhat help you lift the fog from the future. Just like sales is using the different stages of their sales funnel to make estimates about tomorrow, so can you.

Key to success in this area, is knowing the length of your sales cycle and understanding, on average, how far every stage-gate is removed from the sales conversion point.

Based on the value you have generated in each stage gate, you will be able to foretell the future revenue streams.

MROI Guide

Within the B2B Marketing Guide to ROI, you will find practical examples of how to do this.




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