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The Product Success Specialists

We are growth consultants.

WidePeak is a B2B marketing consultancy firm focused on helping companies bring successful products and services to  market. Aligning product, marketing and sales strategy, WidePeak helps you as business leader grow revenues and profits.

We achieve this through translating scientific insights to your business, installing relevant processes and coaching your teams.

Scientific insights can support your success


Insights from Behavioural Economics, Anthropology and Decision Science applied to your business.

Growth comes through coaching


Companies only transform from within. We coach and train your teams to reach the next level of expertise.

Processes are key for consistency


Processes are the difference between the occasional win and the consistently outstanding.

WidePeak works with network of professionals

WidePeak works together with a network of senior professionals to help you realize your growth plans such as:

Romeo Baertsoen MD of WidePeak

Romeo Baertsoen is the principal at WidePeak business consulting. WidePeak is a boutique consultancy firm aimed at supporting companies in bringing more successful products to the market. This through looking at challenges from all angles, coaching teams to implement relevant processes and translating scientific insights into business frameworks that everyone can understand.

Romeo has 20 years of experience as a corporate specialist focussed on bringing products to market. He held various leadership positions both on a European and global level.  He holds three master degrees and has certificates from various institutes like Stanford University and Vlerick Business School.

"When climbing a peak, be sure it’s wide enough to carry the team"

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